Why our campervan hire?

Cheap Campervans Rental in Australia

Travel isn't cheap, so if you are on your Australian backpacking holiday, renting a campervan is the best way to save money for your beers. Even cheap travel in Australia will always cost some money. There is not much anyone can do about the fact t hat it is a huge country. But a tight budget need not stop you from travel around Australia and the remote and beautiful Australian Outback.

Campervan is an all in one accommodation for your travel, and all you need is your licence. With many camping grounds in Australia and New Zealand, you can sleep anywhere you like.

Camper vans hire is about reliability, safety, and cheap prices. With over 10 years of experience, our campervan company will assist you on your backpacking holiday in Australia and New Zealand. If the price does not convince you, then stay loyal with us where you could accumulate your 25 days campers rental into an amazing rental price.

Campervan hire

Australia is made for travel by campervan! To hire a campervan in Australia allows you to enjoy the freedom of the Australian Outback, and at the same time save money. With a four wheel drive campervan you can go anywhere, stay anywhere, and you never have to pay for accommodation.

Australia is a huge country, and once you leave the populated coastal areas it's also a rather empty country. Our network of roads and highways is great, but public transport isn't exactly a viable option. Sure, there are coaches. But they will only take you from major town to major town. And there you will have to pay for accommodation again.

Why don't you hire a campervan instead (preferably a four wheel drive campervan), stop at all the beautiful places on the way, and find a free spot to pull up for the night? One of the best things about campervan hire in Australia is that once you leave the populated areas you can almost always find a free place to camp.

But you will find that some of the Australian campervan hire companies offer something different by specialising in one particular market segment. One example would be the "Wicked Campers" budget campervans.

Wicked Campers are cheap vans, brightly painted with flowery hippy-style motives, obviously catering to the backpacker market. Our operator make sure their vehicles have everything on board that you require for a trip into such a remote area, and they help you with the route planning etc.